About Us

The king Napoleon Bonaparte once famously said that "If the Earth were a single state, Constantinople would be its capital." Today, the city's name is Istanbul and it has 7 hills. One of the most known and visited of these 7 hills is called Çemberlitaş where Great Fortune Dizayn Hotel is located. Therefore the topography of the area is uphills and downhills and the roads are mostly furnished with nostalgic cobblestones. Luckily enough, our hotel is located on top of one of those hills and it has the view of mighty Marmara Sea so much so that it ideally represents and exemplifies the spirit of historical peninsula.


While we were building Great Fortune Dizayn Hotel, our philosophy has been to reflect the style of the ancient civilizations and imprint their architectural perceptions into our hotel. While accomplishing this task, we are chiefly inspired by the Roman, Byzantium and Ottoman civilizations who has governed the Constantinople at different times of history. Consequently, to reflect the ‘convivencia’ of those civilizations, our architects diligently worked on interior and outer designs of the hotel. For instance, in each and every room, you can find the dome forms and ornaments which can also be observed in aforamentioned civilizations’ achitectures. All in all, in each breath you take, you will feel the sense of past in your cells.


It should be added that Great Fortune Dizayn Hotel is the second chain of Great Fortune Hotels. Our main purpose is to offer our distinguished guests an exquisite accomodation in an elegant and stylish environment and help them experience the world-famous Turkish hospitality. Our both hotels are placed in the most ancient part of İstanbul, the former capital of Byzantine and Ottoman Empire.


We are centrally located in the heart of Old Town called Sultanahmet, the most visited part of İstanbul and we are just a few minutes away from the top attractions of the Old City like Topkapı Palace, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar to name a few. Our hotels are also very closely located to the tram stations so that if you want to visit other parts of İstanbul like Taksim, Galata Tower or Dolmabahçe Palace, ferry stations etc., you just have to take a tram ticket and you will reach to these landmarks in a spin of 5-10 minutes.

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