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Places Where You Can Take Great Photos in Istanbul 27.07.2020

Places Where You Can Take Great Photos in Istanbul


If you are curious about that this article is for you.


1. Balat

Balat is one of the first places that comes to mind when it comes to photography. Balat is one of the best places to visit in Istanbul with its historical houses, churches and synagogues. You can find places in the district of Balat and in the inner parts of the district where you can take great photos. You can immortalize the narrow streets, neighborhood culture and the clothes hanged with a stretched rope between the two houses in the old settlement of Fatih district.


2. Kuzguncuk

Kuzguncuk draws attention with its appearance in this district, located right on the shore of the Bosphoru. Its historical houses and shops have a very aesthetic appearance. There is a mosque, an Armenian church, a Greek church and a synagogue in the district. The view of Nakkaş Hill in Kuzguncuk is magnificent. This hill is one of the most ideal places to watch the city and take pictures of the city.



3. Büyük Çamlıca Hill

Büyük Çamlıca Hill is one of the best places to watch Istanbul. The hill with a height of 268 meters; It allows you to see amazing buildings such as Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Galata Tower and Rumeli Fortress. It is possible to take fascinating photos at any time of the day on the hill with panoramic view.


4. Sulaymaniyah and Caulking Place

You can watch unique structures and places such as Galata Bridge, Hagia Sophia Museum, Maiden Tower and Çamlıca Hill in Sulaymaniyah and Calafat Place. The scenery of this region takes on a different beauty especially in the evenings with the illumination of the city. In addition to taking photos in this place, you can taste Turkish coffee.


5. Garipçe

Garipçe is a beautiful village between Rumeli Kavağı and Rumeli Feneri. It resembles an owner town by structure. The fisherman restaurants and the castle from the Genoese are quite famous. This region, which draws attention with its azure sea and lush nature is ideal for photography enthusiasts. You can take amazing photos with a natural background in Garipçe.


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