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How to Choose a Hotel in Istanbul? 20.08.2020

How to Choose a Hotel in Istanbul?


If you are going to come to a historical city like Istanbul due to a touristic trip, business trip or different reasons, you should pay attention to some points. One of these points is the choice of hotel.

There are hotels in Istanbul that appeal to many different budgets. We recommend that you do not be in a hurry and make good use of your options when choosing a hotel. After a detailed research, it will be very easy to find the most ideal hotel for you.

You may be in negative situations where you are in a hurry and choose the hotel that comes first in front of you. We have also brought some tips for you to help you choose a hotel in order not to fall into this mistake. Here are some things to consider before choosing a hotel:


Proximity to Historical and Touristic Places

Whatever the reason for your trip to Istanbul, you should definitely take a touristic trip when you come to this city, which is full of history.

While planning a trip, examine the touristic places you will visit on the map. The fact that the hotel, which is chosen only because it is cheap, is actually far away from the touristic points, and it causes you to lose your time and budget. Also, long road times can tire you at the start of the trip and cause your holiday to become poisonous.

The fact that your hotel is close to the historical and touristic places will save you time and avoid the city road expenses.

Great Fortune Hotel is within walking distance to most of the most visited tourist spots in Istanbul. Our hotel is located in the center of the city and it is very easy to reach many points from our hotel. Some of the historical and touristic places you can reach from our hotel in a short time:

• Hagia Sophia,

• Topkapi Palace,

• Basilica Cistern,

• Blue Mosque,

• Archeology Museum and

• Suleymaniye Mosque.


See User Reviews

Reading the user reviews of the hotels you choose close to your criteria allows you to get to know the hotel better. You can also browse the hotel and the rooms through the website. You can also have detailed information about the services offered within the hotel and the quality of service.

Great Fortune Hotel always aims to provide the best service to its customers. You can also join our happy customers by making your Istanbul trip at our hotel where we target 100% customer satisfaction.


For Families: Make Good Use of Opportunities for Children

If you are going to make your trip as a family, you should ensure that your children spend their holidays in the best way. Because the peace of your children is missing your peace of mind. Therefore, be sure to find out beforehand whether there are options for children such as activities, playgrounds, extra beds.


The Great Fortune Hotel Difference

If you want to have a good holiday in Istanbul, you need a good hotel. If you are looking for a reliable, clean, family-friendly and centrally located hotel, Great Fortune Hotel is ideal for you. Our hotel is located in the center of Istanbul. It attracts attention with its friendly staff and quality service. For more detailed information about our hotel and accommodation opportunities, contact us.



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