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8 Travel Tips For Istanbul 25.07.2020

8 Travel Tips For Istanbul

Tips to make your Istanbul trip easier:


1. Ticket Tips

Your journey has begun the moment you start searching for tickets. You can reach Istanbul by sea, by car, by bus or by plane. Although bus tickets are the cheapest option, only regions close to Istanbul can choose this. If you are coming from a distant country, the only transportation option is the plane. You can consider getting tickets early to find cheap flights. The cheapest day of a ticket is said to be on Tuesday, two months before the ticket date.


2. Hotel Tips

Choosing a hotel is one of the most important issues to make your trip comfortable. Before choosing your hotel, you should definitely look at the facilities, location, rooms and comments of people who have visited the hotel before. Istanbul is a very big city and the location of hotel is very important. A hotel that is far from tourist attractions causes you to spend most of your day in a car. Great Fortune Hotel is centrally located. The most visited attractions in Istanbul are within walking distance.

The main sights you can reach on foot from the Great Fortune Hotel:

Hagia Sophia,

• Blue Mosque,

• Hagia Irene Museum,

• Basilica Cistern,

• Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum,

• Topkapı Palace Museum,

• Great Palace Mosaics Museum,

• Arasta Bazaar,

• German Fountain,

• Istanbul Archaeological Museums,

• Sultan III. Ahmet Fountain,

• Hürrem Sultan Bath and

• Gulhane Park.


100% customer satisfaction is the most important issue of our hotel. Hygiene is a must for us. When you decide to stay in our hotel, you can benefit from:

• Free High Speed Internet (WiFi)

• Pool

• Free breakfast

• Airport transportation service

• Spa

• Roof terrace

• 24-hour security

• Dry cleaner

• Wi-Fi

• Indoor pool

• Heated pool

• Buffet breakfast

• Shuttle bus service

• Taxi service

• Bath

• Concierge

• Non-smoking hotel

• Laundry service


3. Travel Tips

You bought your ticket and decided on your hotel, now it's time to research the city. First of all, you should prefer travel articles written about the city. Istanbul has a rich history of 1000 years. Visiting Istanbul takes you on an endless journey of history. Create a good plan to enjoy your trip in the city, which was the capital of the great kingdoms like Rome and the Ottoman Empire in the past. You can create a trip plan for yourself by reading this article: 'Historical and Tourist Places in Istanbul Near the Great Fortune Hotel'.


4. Food Tips

Only the trip plan is not enough to get to know Istanbul. You should definitely taste the traditional dishes of the city. You can even make a list for it. When you research the contents of the dishes in advance, you can taste the foods that you believe are close to your own taste.

Our main suggestions for you:

• Doner,

• Kebab,

• Testy kebab,

• Turkish delight,

• Baklava and

• Maras ice cream.


5. Shopping Tips

You can also learn the shopping points of the city and buy souvenirs from here. Our recommendation for this is the Grand Bazaar. The Grand Bazaar, built in 1461, is the oldest and largest shopping center in the world. When you come here, you should definitely negotiate before buying a product. This will make you buy the product much cheaper. In Istanbul, especially in the Grand Bazaar, there are traditional and very unique souvenirs. When you come here, you may find yourself unwittingly buying something. Stuffing your luggage crammed will cause items you bought during travel to not fit into the suitcase on return. For this, you should definitely arrange your luggage by thinking about the souvenirs you can buy while traveling. To use your luggage more efficiently, you can read this article: "5 Suggestions To Make Your Travels Better"


6. City Transportation Tips

If you want to make your journeys yourself, you should definitely rent a car. When renting a car, always pay attention to the insurance. In this way, you will be comfortable against accidents or theft. If you do not want to rent a car, you should research the transportation opportunities of the city well. You should find out the prices of transportation facilities such as buses and metro. You should also learn the times when buses and subways run. Because most of the bus services in Istanbul end at 11 in the evening. If you do not want to do any of these, you can take your transportation by taxi.


7. Tips for Visiting the Mosque

Historical mosques can be visited when they are not prayed. Women and men with knees and shoulders closed can visit the mosque. A shawl is allowed in front of most mosques. Like other places of worship, photographers of worshipers should not be taken without permission. The mosques are completely carpeted. Shoes are removed before entering the mosque. Plastic bags are supplied for your shoes. You can leave your shoes in the bag on the shelves at the entrance of the mosque.


8. Turkish Language

Tips Translation of a few simple words to make it easier for you to go to Istanbul. Words in parentheses show how Turkish words are pronounced

Hello: Merhaba (Mare-ha-ba)

Good morning: Günaydın (gew-nahy-duhn)

Thank you: Teşekkür Ederim (Teh-sheh-kull-erh Ed-erh-im)

You’re welcome: Bir şey değil (beer SHEHY deh-YEEL)

Goodbye: Güle güle (guele guele)

Cheers: Şerefe (Sher-a-fa)


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